M.U.L.E. for the Atari 800


Special guest stars The Puppeteer and The Red Flapper join us for M.U.L.E., the strategy game that combines Star Wars, Pac-Man, Settlers of Catan, and, uh, E.T., I guess.


Part 1: A Packer, a Flapper, a Bonzoid, and a Spheroid walk into a bar. And win $100 gambling!

Part 2: Do beginners learn best when three other guys are shouting incoherent instructions at the top of their lungs? Let’s find out!

Part 3: Will the purple monkey thing pull ahead of the blue derpy Pacman?

Part 4: Hump that Wampus! Uh, Hunt! Hunt!

Part 5: We find out who the winner is! (Turns out it’s nobody.)



Featuring our guests The Puppeteer and The Red Flapper. Dead moose-rats and wampi make Purple Bonzoid Apeman very angry!

Check out Randall McNair (the Puppeteer)’s website at mcmazingtales.com!

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