Note: This contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Welcome to the Summer 2017 Player and Doodler BINGO contest! To enter, first pick a card below. Then, watch Player and Doodler videos. If you hear or see one of the squares on your card, mark it with the video name and time where you found the reference. Entries only count if they are from main Player and Doodler videos (no compilation or fan vids).

Once you have filled out the entire card (a full Blackout), then send it to us using one of the methods below the cards. Alternatively, if you are at least a $5 Patreon supporter from at least the end of July to the end of August, you only need to get a BINGO (five in a row) to have a qualifying card. Make sure to send us your entry by the end of August to qualify! Limit one entry per person. Please send your entry in a private message; public entries will be disqualified!

Completed entries will be put into a drawing, and the winners will be announced in September. Prizes include the official Player and Doodler T-shirt, mug, and/or playing cards. All who complete a valid entry will also receive a personalized gag doodle from the Doodler.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that one of the spaces (namely, “(Game Name) EEEEIIIIGGGGHHHHT!!!”) isn’t actually in any of the videos that have currently been posted. The first time it appears is in a video that will be posted on July 19th. So, if anybody turns in their card before July 19th, you can count that space as a freebie. If you turn it in after July 19th then you still have to find that one (though it probably won’t be hard, since I just told you what video it’s in).

Here are the BINGO cards to pick from:

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