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Metroid Prime Doodles


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Metroid Prime


Samus’s first 3D adventure, complete with HD texture pack! Get your fill of lazy space pirates, Beagle Boys, and jilted lover dragons!

See the doodles!


Part 1: Ridley breaks up with Samus and trashes a space station, and she pursues trying to get her CD’s back!

Part 2: Some snippets from the Metroid Musical, featuring FlaAaaAaAghraaaaaaaa! Also, I can’t get married to a bug from Metroid ’cause I’m married to the letter C.

Part 3: We, the Chozo, wanted to get back to nature, so we built a temple and filled it with bees! In retrospect this was a terrible idea.

Part 4: Pirates in the tooowwweeerrr, I’m reachin’ out! My heart cries out for yooouuuuuuu!

Part 5: You fail to realize the Gravity of this sequence break.

Part 6: Can we construct some sort of rudimentary lathe?

Part 7: Ted, the smartest Space Pirate, knows how to keep his job.

Part 8: The Doodler slowly drowns in his home at the bottom of the Great Salt Lake.

Part 9: DANGER MUSIC! Space Pirate office politics! And the Omega Massage Therapist!

Part 10: Phazon: the Freshmaker! If Phazon Madness lasts for more than five hours, consult your local Mother Brain.

Part 11: The Player earns his GameFAQs merit badge. And will the Doodler ever *not* hate someone from any of these games?

Part 12: Ridley writes a heroic couplet for Sir Wats’ birthday! Also we beat the game or whatever. Has anybody made our TVTropes page yet?

Doodle video: