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Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 101-106


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Week 101: Not gonna lie, this week is full of karmic retribution.

Week 102: “Ha ha I Won” wins! Well, in a way. However, in a more accurate way, the race is still on between her, the Player, the Krazy Kat, and CORNBUSTER***(music note)!

Week 103, featuring the funkiest Russian clown there ever was!

Week 104: The Player is the hero Dokapon Kingdom needs, not the hero Dokapon Kingdom deserves. And everybody takes a vacation…in SOUTH AMERICA!

Chuck-A-Rama: Come and Eat Food Here!

Week 105: The race for the finish! Will we be more successful than we were around 20 weeks ago?

Week 106: Welp…

Finale (Gallery) and Doodle Video:

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Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 91-100


Weeks 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-90 | 91-100 | 101-106

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Week 91: Guys, I think the Krazy Kat is turning into an actual crazy cat…

Also, the webcam gets frozen early on in this video. Don’t worry; we notice and fix it, uh, next week.

Week 92: The Player sneaks into heaven and kills the Krazy Kat’s god, causing a cacophonous apocalypse for everyone else!

Week 93: You’ll never get to heaven if you don’t know how! And the Krazy Kat learns to never bet against the house in Vegas.

Week 94: Everybody hates the Player. Except the Krazy Kat, who hates everyone (except her evil boyfriends). And is puppetry considered animation?

Week 95: Doodler rage….rising….!

Week 96: As the Mystic finds herself fighting the Doodler’s comic strip characters, the Krazy Kat comes face to face with her own religious beliefs and dark sins…

Week 97: More of the Krazy Kat’s abusive relationships. Snnnnoke! And the “greatest” cliffhanger of all!

Week 98: No matter who ends up winning the game, the Mystic has already won in her heart. Beep boop, my lady.

Week 99: The Player is still stuck in purgatory, the Doodler is being persecuted by the Robo Mystic, and the Krazy Kat hatches a seeeecret plan…

Week 100: We enter triple digits in the week count! To celebrate, the Player goes gambling, the Mystic carries around a dead Danish bird, the Krazy Kat pursues her secret plan, and the Doodler experiences an entire Entmoot!

Doodle video:

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Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 81-90


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Week 81: Wabbits! IN HECK!

Week 82: The Krazy Kat continues her inexorable march towards the endboss. Meanwhile, the Player gets struck by falling lava, explodes multiple times, and kills himself. Annnnd the Doodler & Mystic finally get weapons and fight the Zeus of Being Weird!

Week 83: The Doodler fights half the X-Men, the Mystic completes her conquest of the Fire Nation, and the Player duels in the ultimate Ninja Fight! But will any of it matter as the Krazy Kat confronts Overlord Rico in the FINAL SHOWDOWN? Uh, eventually?

Week 84: Welp…that sure was a conclusion to last week’s cliffhanger. It’s fitting that Roche is encountered in Hell, uh, Heck.

Week 85: The creepy mayor will loom over your bed all night, chortling softly…

Week 86: The Doodler hears dark whisperings, the Krazy Kat keeps getting Divine Fists, and the Mystic becomes a cheerleader! Also the Player takes on Rico, and, well…

Week 87: The Player slowly loses health points. Also in the game.

Week 88: The EPIC SHOWDOWN! No, not with Overlord Rico, the other epic showdown! Team Discovery Channel and Team… Hot Hole!

Week 89: More of the Player’s smooth, seductive tones, as the Doodler fights his Doodlegonger, the Krazy Kat rethinks her life choices, and the Mystic does what she does every week: tries to take over the world!

Week 90: Nothing’s more handsome than sexy burger socks and a man with laryngitis. Oh yeah.

Doodle video:

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Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 71-80


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Week 71: The Evil Alliance is formed and dissolved within about two minutes, and the Krazy Kat does what she does best! Meanwhile, the Doodler defeats the Krazy Kat’s God’s weird Uncle who lives in His garage.

Week 72: Goodbye, towns! Also, you know you’re friends with someone when you can butcher your favorite songs together.

Week 73: Rico Jr.’s dad, creatively named Rico, decides to steal the kingdom’s dirt, er, land. Will we stop him, or will the Krazy Kat Darkling beat him to it?

Week 74: Hans gets robbed by a snot-nosed deviantart! Also, will the Mystic be able to keep a halberd for more than TEN SECONDS?!?

Week 75: The demonic education system needs a reform. And the Mystic’s luck is what it is.

Week 76: The ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! Will the Player defeat Rico, or will he become pobre?

Week 77: The final chapter begins as we find out that Heck is in…SOUTH AMERICA!

Week 78: The Krazy Kat becomes a polytheist and worships the Almighty Dog, the Doodler hails Hydra, the Mystic searches for a weapon, and the Player becomes a sneaky frog!

Week 79: It’s time to simply stride through the Gates of Heck!

Week 80: Fortune is a fickle mistress, and so is the Krazy Kat! Meanwhile, the Doodler and the Mystic continue their respective Quests for a Decent Weapon!

Doodle video:

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Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 61-70


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Week 61: Will Stallone’s favor be won by the schoolmarm or Hitler?

Week 62: THERE IS NO DOODLER, ONLY THULE! And some Zunes change hands!

Week 63: The king commits terrible acts of vandalism! Meanwhile, the Doodler and the Krazy Kat freeze and roast, respectively.

Week 64: It’s a dichotomy of dissonance as the continent of Flinders opens! Will the Doodler ever get a weapon? Will the Mystic ever get out of the pyramid? Will the Krazy Kat ever find a salamander? And will the Player not immediately die on the way to Australia?

Week 65, starring the Krazy Kat, in The Search for a New Catchphrase! And the Player backs out in the outback to fight Elton John!


Week 67: Revenge of the Square Castle! And the Krazy Kat clambers out of a volcano!

Week 68: Why are the Australians German?!? And, yes, more dark revenge whispers…

Week 69: Crikey! The Australian boss monster goes on a walkabout! And the Krazy Kat fulfills her life dreams.

Week 70: We’re trying to get rid of the boss monster who immigrated to North America. Topical? Also the Player’s luck is what it is.

Doodle Video:

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