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Double Dragon III (quickie)


Double Dragon III for the NES. Can Billy and Jimmy save the girl? Or even get out of the first room?


Metroid for the NES


The classic that started it all! A woman shatters the glass ceiling and kills the giant brain in it.


Part 1: Zero Suit Samus gets some Bavarian Cream, and we use advanced technologies to add a new map to this ol’ game.

Part 2: This part of the game, with its mazy ways and cinnamon gumdrops, is No(r) Fair!

Part 3: SKREEONK! It’s Ridley! Guarded by his flying traffic lights!

Part 4: We fulfile our mission. It revives peace in space.


Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll


Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll, by Rare. Lick them feet at the sock hop like these snakes! That sounds weird on so many levels…

Part 1: The Doodler and the Mechanic attempt to make snakes hop up a deadly checkerboard!

Part 2: The Player takes over for the Mechanic. Will his high-jumping and foot-licking skills be any better?


Hot snitch-grabbin’, anvil-droppin’, foot-lickin’ action!

Hot snitch-grabbin’, anvil-droppin’, foot-lickin’ action!