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Metroid: Zero Mission Doodles


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Metroid: Zero Mission


The classic tale retold! Kraid and Ridley!

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Part 1: Old grandma Samus tells her granddaughter about what really happened on her first mission…wait, I may be mixing this up with King’s Quest again.

Part 2: Come on down to Kraid’s Zip-Lining Experience! Just off the Brinstar Beltway. Come for the shinesparking, stay for the early Super Missiles! Don’t forget to sign up to be a member of the Crateria Kraid-ers!

Part 3: In Ridley’s lair, everything is candy or bugs. Also, flawless execution of obtaining the hardest missile pack in the game! Followed by several failures to obtain the next one.

Part 4: Ridley tries to sell us some Mary Kay and Bajoran Orb Cannons! Also there are, like, Metroids and Mother Brain or whatever.

Part 5: Metal Gear Samus! Featuring the Choz-Mool statue from Chicken-Itza!

Part 6: Samus goes back to the Devonian period and to Narnia to get 100% items!

Part 7: In the finale, Samus ruins Spring Break for all Space Pirates!

Doodle video:

Archon: Classic


Chess meets a rock opera! It’s Archon: Classic!

Part 1 pits the Light Team of the Puppetee and the Flapper against the Dark Team of the Player and the Doodler. A wizard should know better!

Part 2: Will the Light Side vanquish evil on their cute date night? Or will the Dark Side’s Powerpoint presentation take all the power points?

Part 3: It’s a free-for-all, where old graphics meet new! Scamper scamper poo!

Part 4: The ultimate battle of Dumble-gongers!



The Wizard can split in two! The rest you can infer from the doodle!

Golden Axe & Golden Axe II


The Puppeteer and the Red Flapper join us for Golden Axe for the Sega Genesis! Ambiguously-gendered heroes avenge some guy named Alex by attacking Abobo clones.

Golden Axe II! In the sequel, the Puppeteer and the Red Flapper invade the enemy’s headquarters to defeat its hindquarters!

Doodle video:


Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 41-50


Weeks 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50

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Week 41: Only liars and thieves eat Grumblemuffins. Those people go to prison. Just ask the Mystic! Also, the Doodler is a street rat!

Week 42: Everything is a kobold! Also featured: tremendously embarrassing deaths!

Week 43: DA_HUUUUUUUDGE’s luck continues to not exist, Weber shows everyone embarrassing pictures of someone, and it’s not easy.

Week 44: The Return of VENGEANCE! But this time with more SOOOUUUULLL FIRE!

Week 45: The skeleton hunt continues! Who will defeat the Cool Dude? Riff raff? Street rat? I don’t Buy that.

Week 46: The Doodler nearly drowns himself trying to create a National Geographic special! Also, a megamix of our greatest hits!

Week 47: Seven weeks trying to defeat a skeleton. Seven. Weeks. Sev. En. Weeks. Dis guy, you know!

Week 48-49: Week 48 is super short, so we combined it with the next one. Also, we try to dip our toes into Africa, but then…Wabbits!

Week 50: These African chameleons blend in so well, they’re called basilisks and salamanders!

Doodle video:

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