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Hiveswap: Episode 1 Doodles


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Hiveswap: Episode 1


Two guys in their 30’s who’ve never read Homestuck play its spin-off game! Will we love it as much as certain segments of Tumblr?

See the doodles!


Part 1: Teen Joey Claire gets attacked by…things! Will she be safe in her super-90’s bedroom?

Part 2: Joey makes it to the hallway! And becomes an old prospector for some reason! Plus more nostalgia!

Part 3: Joey’s creepy house of hot blue woman lamps and pirate taxidermy (two concepts that are hopefully not related to each other) gets taken over by a tuba player! Weirdness!

Part 4: Time for some pun-offs with a couple o’ slime monsters or whatever! Will Jude lose his marbles?


Part 6: Joey creeps through her attic filled with daddy issues to find a mysterious portal! Will it warp her to a time and place beyond all imagination? Or will it simply contain a pie?

Part 7: Joey explores an upside-down world and plays Nibbles! Meanwhile, troll Xerox apologizes a million times, and the Doodler sings the beep-line!

Part 8: Xefros is that rare specimen who reeeeaaaaally wants to be a butler! What a unique, fun twist on a teenager! Wait, no, he wants to play sportsball and be in a band. Nevermind. At least he lives in Maniac Mansion.

Part 9: You can tell it’s sci-fi because everything has stupid names, and also because there’s a nightmarish dystopia that will probably be overthrown by plucky teenagers. Teenagers who are remarkably good at texting despite being crushed under rubble.

Part 10: Joey solves some perfectly generic puzzles and gives up the most 90’s-preteen-girl password ever. Watch out for Thanos, Joey!

Part 11 features strongly the two pillars of Hiveswap so far: long chat logs and gross residential housing! Also a deercat is befriended. A deercat belonging to a COMMUNIST FOOL!

Part 12: A kid buried under rubble for over an hour is perfectly OK in the end after his self-esteem gets a boost. Also, the perfect selfie is taken as this episode draws to a close.

Part 13: Some post-game analysis from the Player and the Doodler. Whimsical nihilism! And texting!

Doodle video: