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Castle of Dr. Brain


Dr. Brain needs an assistant to pay his pizza bills! Can we solve enough random puzzles to qualify?

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Part 1: We begin the mind-bending puzzles of The Castle of Dr. Brain! Can we get past screaming flamingos and magic squares? Or are we not brainy enough?

Part 2: We get busy making robots do things! THINGS!

Part 3 features screaming word searches, jigsaws that spring to life, and the happiest hangman ever!

Part 4: Can we navigate the entire solar system to pay Dr. Brain’s pizza bills?

Bumpomov’s Dogs for the Atari 800


The last of the Gray Chang tetralogy, it’s Bumpomov’s Dogs for the Atari! Get boned!

Apologies for the sound quality; in the recording the game audio was far louder than the voiceover. This was the best I could do to compensate.


Months later, we redid it with better audio quality:


Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (VGA) Page 3


Glorious questing was never this mystically Arabically enchanting!

This is the remake of Quest for Glory II, found at AGD Interactive.

See the doodles!

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Part 13: Count Fivefingers buys a bunch of crazy kitsch for his bedroom, including a…signed box of Quest for Glory II? And just like that, this game is suddenly an Inception-based nightmare.

Part 14: You know Fire, and Air, and Earth, and Water. But do you recall the most delicious elemental of all?

Part 15: It’s clobberin’ time as Count Fivefingers faces the Earth Elemental!

Part 16: We save a weird reverse Chimera. An…American? Also, Count Fivefingers really needs to invest in a Google Maps app.

Part 17: Count Fivefingers finally gets around to some robbin’, only to be stymied by the adventure game curse of “You’re not close enough!” Also, there’s, like, a water elemental, but no biggie.

Part 18: We *finally* bid goodbye to Shapeir, only to end on a cliffhanger! How will Count Fivefingers get out of this scrape?!? Tune in next time, but first let’s all go to the lobby to get ourselves a treat!

Part 19: Our hero finally gets to Raseir. Doodler, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Part 20: We steal a (fake) Blackbird, then get arrested. Not for the theft, oddly enough. But don’t worry, our good friend Ad Avis is here to… save us…?

Part 21: Count Fivefingers is sent to find the Statue of Iblis. Is he truly a diamond in the rough?

Part 22: We wrap up this game by enlisting the harem girls to help us knock a dude out a window. Also, Vincent Price was the sultan the whole time!

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