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The Black Cauldron Doodles


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This has at least one thing from each of our last three or four games. From the upper left, and following the path: the mountain from King’s Quest III (that inexplicably is drawn as a volcano), a scary tree from The Black Cauldron, the henchman from TBC, carnivorous mushrooms from Space Quest II, the Labion Terror Beast from SQII, the brain/plant/bubble thing from SQII with a gwythaint from TBC above it, the mooing sumo guy from Bruce Lee, the “hippo” sasquatch from SQII, the Vohaul Marrow-Matic from SQII, Medusa from KQIII, the ninja from Bruce Lee, a snakeskin from KQIII, the cat from KQIII, and Johnathan’s original Pathfinder character, Blazebeard Hammerstone, surveying it all. The tentacles are meant to represent the squid thing that we never actually encountered in SQII in the dark cave, and the pathway itself is from a similar one leading to the Horned King’s Castle in TBC.

*takes breath, passes out*

Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge


Vohaul gets his revenge! Despite the fact that we’ve never seen him before and didn’t really do anything to him!

No doodles related to the game this time.


Part 1: The Game Where Everything Kills You! Even Non-Descript Parts of the Ground!

Part 2: Where Things That Look Nothing Like Hippos Are Referred To As Hippos.

Part 3: Where We May Or May Not Get Killed By A Cave Squid And A CHILLING Laugh…

Part 4: Where Our Hero Goes To The Bathroom And Kills A Guy (Not At The Same Time).

Part 5: Space Quest II: Our Hero Already Won The Game But Is Still Killed By Things.

Doodle Video: