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King’s Quest (2015) Chapter 5: The Good Knight


Our final project, and also the most recent entry into the King’s Quest series, featuring the Greatest Graham-pa to ever live!

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Part 1: Old King Graham may be losing his memory, but at least he dances like a leprechaun!

Part 2: DVD Extras and Deleted Scenes: The Game!

Part 3: Old Graham makes use of his senility to RESHAPE THE UNIVERSE and solve a few puzzles while he’s at it.

Part 4: Graham follows a series of romantic clues, which leads to him stuffing a frog up his butt. Also, more retcons from the old series!

Part 5: The game really tries to win us over with the promise of Square Castles! Will it be enough to overcome the severe depression the rest of this game causes?

Part 6: Graham finally bests Manny and becomes Dr. Brain’s assistant! And we get a clue as to who Gwendolyn’s TRUE grandmother is!

Also, King Graham dies. I, uh, may have a few issues with how this is handled.

Epilogue: Gwendolyn goes on a grand adventure of her own, hunting yarblesnoofs with sugarshrooms and meeting a Zelda boss or two! Now I want five chapters of THIS game!

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The Colonel’s Bequest


The Sister joins us for Sierra’s murder mystery classic! An old rich guy tells all his heirs that they will split his inheritance with all remaining *living* heirs. Not surprisingly, they started getting killed off almost immediately.

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Part 1: A 20’s college student gets invited to the family reunion of her college roomie at a creepy plantation…with sexy results! Kinda!

Part 2: Laura is the worst houseguest ever and spies on everyone, like the “dapper-looking” Clarence, the dinosaur Gertie, and Colonel Sanders’ doppleganger.

Part 3 has the greatest mystery of the entire game: who is Sarah Crouton? Is she still alive? Where is she now? Is she the Colonel’s wife?!? Also, someone dies or whatever.

Part 4: Dr. Wilbur kicks the bucket. Was someone after his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices?!?

Part 5: More deaths! And more people slapping Rudy around!

Part 6: Now that several people have died, I guess it’s time to get ready for a…hot date with Grand Moff Tarkin’s doppleganger?

Part 7: Even more deaths, in increasingly improbable body positions! Also, even more shockingly, we find a new screen!

Part 8: Laura Bow actually acts like an adventure game protagonist for five minutes and discovers a treasure left behind by Sir Graham from King’s Quest I.

Part 9: We find out the true killer was…a game-breaking bug that forced us to wander aimlessly for half an hour and then replay half the game! SIIEEEEEERRRAAAAA!!!! (Fortunately for you, we cut most of that out in editing.) Also, all of the Colonel’s heirs are dead or in jail, so I guess the horse, dog, and cook get everything?

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Hoyle Book of Games Vol. 3


To decide the winners of our Summer 2017 BINGO contest, our finalists pick Sierra avatars in a deathmatch of Yacht! Also known as a normal game of Yahtzee.


Part 1: The AI-controlled avatars of our three winners (sirwats, fasteagle, and eternalkyr) are pitted against each other in a gentleman’s Battle Royale game of public-domain-Yahtzee! Oh, and the Player also plays too, whatever.

Part 2: The Player gets completely owned at several parlor games vs. fictional Sierra characters.

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And, because you were kind enough to visit our website instead of just watching everything on Youtube, here’s an easter egg: our unedited stream of Terraria we did later that night!

Part 1 (starts at around 13 minutes):

Part 2: