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In honor of The Player and The Doodler’s one-year anniversary, this Buzzfeed quiz was created. Take it to find out what character from the series you are!

Quest for Glory III Doodles


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Quest for Glory III: Wages of War


Count Fivefingers finds liontaurs and earth aardvarks in faux-Africa. I told you not to turn around!

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Part 1: Rakeesh the liontaur goes home to faux-Egypt and Count Fivefingers follows along because…well, he doesn’t have much else to do.

Part 2: Our hero visits Tarna, home of hippies, thieves, and cat-snake-centaur-statue-woman-things.

Part 3: We visit the bazaar, which, despite being placed in fantasy Egypt, is full of 1970’s stereotypes. Also, excited talking dogs!

Part 4: We meet probably the best character in the entire series, who’s slightly wasted and won’t. Shut. Up!

Part 5: We finally get out of Tarna and its environs and visit a local tribal village. Turns out they’re avid Atari players.

Part 6: We visit the Heart of the World, a giant tree possibly filled with LSD. Also: a monkey.

Part 7: The Atari tribe caught a Leopardman! Let’s all go make fun of it! Also featuring apparently the most soft-spoken son of a chief who told you not to turn around.

Part 8: Who wants to partake in a hallucinatory BuzzFeed quiz?

Part 9: Count Fivefingers buys himself a five-zebra-skin wife. Surprisingly, the wife doesn’t immediately put out. Also, Obama tells a story, and our thieving hero finally commits some thieving.

Part 10: We finally bring some peace between the Leopardman tribe and the Atari players. Then everyone dies. We are heroes.

Part 11: In this finale, we’re very nearly defeated by the most sinister of endbosses: buggy cutscenes!

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