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King’s Quest (2015) Chapter 5: The Good Knight


Our final project, and also the most recent entry into the King’s Quest series, featuring the Greatest Graham-pa to ever live!

See the doodles!


Part 1: Old King Graham may be losing his memory, but at least he dances like a leprechaun!

Part 2: DVD Extras and Deleted Scenes: The Game!

Part 3: Old Graham makes use of his senility to RESHAPE THE UNIVERSE and solve a few puzzles while he’s at it.

Part 4: Graham follows a series of romantic clues, which leads to him stuffing a frog up his butt. Also, more retcons from the old series!

Part 5: The game really tries to win us over with the promise of Square Castles! Will it be enough to overcome the severe depression the rest of this game causes?

Part 6: Graham finally bests Manny and becomes Dr. Brain’s assistant! And we get a clue as to who Gwendolyn’s TRUE grandmother is!

Also, King Graham dies. I, uh, may have a few issues with how this is handled.

Epilogue: Gwendolyn goes on a grand adventure of her own, hunting yarblesnoofs with sugarshrooms and meeting a Zelda boss or two! Now I want five chapters of THIS game!

Doodle video: