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Ballblazer for the Atari 800…again!


This time we pit The Doodler against guest star The Sister. Who shall prevail in this game of nonsensical triangle soccer? And will the winner be able to also triumph over The Player?




Are The Player and The Sister picking too hard on The Doodler in the Atari game Ballblazer?… …nah.

King’s Quest VI Doodles


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King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Page 1


King’s Quest VI, where obsessive stalking conquers all!

See the doodles!

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Part 1: We kick this off with the Mirror of Macguffins showing a member of the royal family his eventual bride. Again. Thankfully, she’s a much better looker than Valanice.

Part 2: We talk to Hermes the pawn shop owner and also read some terrible love poetry. Also, a kid kills us. Way to go, Alexander!

Part 3: The Ferryman of Plot Exposition gives us the lowdown on the Land of the Green Isles, and a genie passes out. These events are not related.

Part 4 sees Alexander visiting the Isle of Wonder! And by “wonder” we mean “puns.”

Part 5: The world’s most incompetent gardener tries to kill Alexander, then he cha-chas with a hole in the wall and finds an adolescent Yoda.

Part 6: After the world’s goofiest exposition scene, Alexander braves the Cliffs of Copy Protection!

Part 7: The game takes a sudden turn into Indiana Jones territory as Alexander braves the Catacombs of the Island of the Sacred Mountain™.

Part 8: After saving a cartoon character from a minotaur, Alexander finds out from an oracle that the obviously evil vizier is, in fact, evil.

Part 9: Alexander short-circuits the plot of Beauty and the Beast to stop from being turned into a beast himself. Which is a shame, because I bet his voice actor would do a pretty good job in the role.

Doodle Video:

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Tuk Goes to Town for the Atari 800


Classic children’s author Mercer Mayer brings this fantastical adventure from Tink Tonk land to life! Or, if you prefer, two grown men dress up a fire hydrant guy in weird clothes.


Doodle (also from Pacific Coast Highway):


Fancy(?)-dressed Tuk goes to town by crossing the Pacific Coast Highway with Usagi Yojimbo and Raphael. Look, it makes more sense in context. Wait, no it doesn’t.