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The Cave


From the creators of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango comes The Cave, a cross between a Midwestern tourist trap and the Canterbury Tales! Featuring special guest star The Puppeteer!

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Part 1: It’s The Cave! The Player plays a noble knight, the Doodler plays a set of creepy twins, and guest star The Puppeteer plays as…himself?

Part 2 begins The Knight’s Tale, as our “noble” hero attempts to win Excalibur from the Burger King and his electrical engineer of a princess!

Part 3: The brave knight wins the heart of a fair maiden! Literally!

Part 4 begins The Hillbilly’s Tale, where a country bumpkin tries to win the favor of a cardboard cutout in a sleazy carnival.

Part 5: The hillbilly gets all fired up! Also, can we satisfy the needs of Stinky Pete?

Part 6: With Stinky Pete satisfied by the return of his vittles, we turn to The Twins’ Tale. Will these definitely-non-creepy kids ever be able to go out and play?

Part 7: A happy ending for The Twins! Followed by the hunt for a crystalline entity…

Part 8: In true Monkey-Island-esque fashion, we get stranded on an island with Herman Toothrot. Can we sneak off, leaving him to die? I sure hope so!

Part 9: In the finale, we reflect on what we’ve learned. Always close doors behind you, don’t fall in love with a pair of legs, and always make sure you have the proper getaway music!

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Costume Quest


Costume Quest! Where kids seek to save candy from evil goblin-like Grubbins! Can we also get some frosty chocolate milkshakes?

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Part 1: Wren loses her brother to evil Grubbins and has to rescue him to avoid getting grounded. Oh, and save him from a fate worse than death or something, I guess.

Part 2: We find the park, where the crazy old cowboy gives us apples. Can we fulfill our MANIFEST DESTINY?!?

Part 3: FREEDOM!

Part 4: We find all the lighted houses and enter the spooooooky graveyard. We also discover the true meaning of Halloween: slapping a princess with a bag of peanuts!

Part 5: Bo knows boss fights!

Part 6: The Spaceman Spiff costume helps us sneak through the daaaaaarrrrk maaaaalllllll, where the Trowbogs get more buffy!

Part 7: We get our third party member, who looks somewhat like (and shares a name with) occasional guest streamer The Red Flapper. She joins our quest…FOR SCIENCE!

Part 8: Will we win the Costume Quest Costume Contest?!? More importantly, will we ever finish this game in the future? (Probably, at some point, maybe.)

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Hiveswap: Episode 1 Doodles


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