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Archon: Classic


Chess meets a rock opera! It’s Archon: Classic!

Part 1 pits the Light Team of the Puppetee and the Flapper against the Dark Team of the Player and the Doodler. A wizard should know better!

Part 2: Will the Light Side vanquish evil on their cute date night? Or will the Dark Side’s Powerpoint presentation take all the power points?

Part 3: It’s a free-for-all, where old graphics meet new! Scamper scamper poo!

Part 4: The ultimate battle of Dumble-gongers!



The Wizard can split in two! The rest you can infer from the doodle!


Rampage (NES and Sega Master System)


Rampage for the NES and Sega Master System. Giant apes and lizards destroy buildings and eat people. That’s pretty much it.



TMNT Tournament Fighters


TMNT Tournament Fighters for the SNES. Cyber samurai beat up girls in front of giant frogs and Oreo geishas. There might also be ninja turtles somewhere in this, I dunno.

TMNT Tournament Fighters for the NES. This game has got such a great story, guys. I can’t say enough great things about this game’s story.

TMNT Tournament Fighters for the Sega Genesis. We are forced to make turtles fight each other, over and over again, and every time we finish, another TMNT fighting game pops up. Also, this one features a character named Sisyphus. I’d point out the dramatic irony, but that’d be giving the TMNT Tournament Fighters series a little too much credit.



We played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters for what seemed like 27 times. I mean, EEEEEEIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHT times.


The Oregon Trail


The Apple ][ classic! Based on a true story! Kind of!

Warning: audio levels are a bit uneven, so keep one finger on the volume control.


Part 1: Can the Player, the Doodlr, the Sister, Sirwats, and a square cat make it all the way to the Willamette Valley?

Part 2: We travel with dwarves and Jimmy crackin’ corn, endure slow-moving rivers and ear-splitting tunes, and give all our clothes to Indians. At least the wagon doesn’t explode again.