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Chrono Trigger Page 3


Chrono Trigger: Great RPG? Or the greatest RPG?

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Part 19: We witness Frog’s backstory, and somehow it ends up involving Kurt Cobain?!?

Part 20: We enter Magus’s Castle, where we are told we have to defeat all 100 enemies inside! Guess how long it takes before we lose track?

Part 21: Magus’s henchmen Slash and Flea try to slow us down. One is a blue man who sounds like a tough black dude, the other is a transvestite evil magician. Progressive?

Part 22: The Outlaw and the Juggler, this fall on NBC!

Part 23: If we defeat Magus and his space triangle powers, surely that will solve the apocalypse, right?

Part 24: Who wants to debate philosophy with a cavewoman? Nobody? How about fighting T-Rexes? With rock organ music? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Part 25: Nizbel II (Electric Boogaloo) turns out to be the hardest boss fight in the game thus far. Why are you so useless, Lucca?!?

Part 26: We may be fighting a giant fire-breathing T-Rex and a telekinetic lizard woman, but at least this time we brought a mass healer along. Also, the best ending to a rap ever.

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Space Quest IV Doodles


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Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers


We return to Space Quest with the fourth game in the series. Or twelfth game. Whichever. Featuring the return of guest star The Sister and “guest star” Uneven Audio Levels!

Time Travel, Shopping, and Gary Owens! What’s not to like?

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Part 1: Delicious wildberry buildings!

Part 2: What’s more exasperating in this video: Roger Wilco trying to catch slime for five minutes, or The Doodler’s casual misogyny? You decide!

Part 3: What’s going ON in there?!? The best game in the Space Quest series seems to mostly revolve around…shopping?

Part 4: Bite me, I’m a pickle. (Note: the preceding line might help you get married. Somehow.)

Part 5: “This cross-dressing reminds me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” – The Doodler

Part 6 has Roger visiting the dark days of when he was known as Yawn I. Tor Fred.

Part 7: Roger defeats Vohaul (again) and saves his son, Random Sierra Staffer! I mean Roger Wilco Jr.!

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