Top 20 Moments from 2015


Here are the moments we picked for the top 20 moments of 2015:

These are either the origins for some of our running gags, or just funny moments (or often both).

In addition, here’s where each moment came from:

  1. Family Feud
  2. Chrono Trigger part 26
  3. Quest for Glory II parts 6 & 7
  4. Chrono Trigger part 1
  5. Micro Machines (NES)
  6. Quest for Glory I part 9
  7. King’s Quest III parts 5 & 6
  8. Quest for Glory I part 1
  9. Ballblazer (the second time)
  10. King’s Quest V part 2
  11. Quest for Glory II part 12
  12. Race in Space
  13. King’s Quest IV part 6
  14. Dog Daze Deluxe
  15. Space Quest III part 3
  16. M.U.L.E. part 1
  17. King’s Quest III part 2
  18. The Black Cauldron part 4
  19. King’s Quest V (various parts)
  20. King’s Quest I part 4 (and other various games)

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