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Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament


TIM?!? joins us at Christmastime for yet another Micro Machines game: Micro Machines 2 for the SNES! Will Jethro’s grandmother finally catch a break?



The many ways that Santa TIM?!? gets around!

Image (1225)2

Everybody loves the Player and Doodler at Christmas!



CD-Man, a PC port of Pac-man. Not to be confused with Seedy Man, who tells you to come behind the dumpster, young padawan…



Unlike CD-Man, Seedy Man’s life has taken a turn…

Super Metroid (Justin Bailey) “Speedrun”


It’s Casual Friday on Zebes for Samus, as the Player does a “speedrun” of Super Metroid!

See the doodles!


Part 1: Will losing her Power Armor help Samus go faster? Will she be able to collect the Terminator Tank and perform a Mockball after effecting an Alcatraz Escape, and other speedrunning jargon?

Part 2: We get the Varia Butt and eventually fight Crocomire, Zebes’ resident *neeerrrrrrrd!*

Part 3: Dog poop in your dry eyes? Try Phantoon’s Clear Eyes. Woooooow. Also, the Doodler’s favorite characters make an appearance!

Part 4: Maridia’s got a great story!

Part 5: We run into memorable enemies, like the KiHunter, the Desgeega, the Guhfloyngitz, the Gooblegobble, Porthos, Pathos, and the Santa Maria! Also Ridley’s here too.

Part 6: Your dead grandma is destroying my Super Metroid speedrun!

Doodle video: