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King’s Quest (2015) Chapter 4 Doodles


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King’s Quest (2015) Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home


The noble King Graham becomes a grade-A douchebag to his son and nearly gets everyone killed! What a hero!

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Part 1: Comforting babies…truly a QUEST OF KINGS!

Part 2: Child kidnapping, popcorn-flavored jelly beans, murder, and staring contests! All here in the Kelvin timeline of King’s Quest!

Part 3: After an interminable car trip, our intrepid family arrives at a tropical vacation spot, which has mysteriously frozen over. But WHO CARES? PUZZLES!!!!!!!1!!11!1!!!11!!

Part 4: King Graham squashes all of his son’s interests and uses him for manual labor, thereby winning the Trophy for *Totally* Understanding Teenage Millennials.

Part 5: Alexander finally gets as fed up with Graham as we are and snaps! Figuratively and literally!

Part 6: We reach the end of the Fortress of Solitude, only to find an old “friend.” You mean this sinister frozen wasteland of evil was actually a trap?!?!?!?!?

Part 7: In this climax, Graham’s family is in mortal danger! BUT WHO THREW OUT HIS FAVORITE MUG?!?!?!?!? Can you tell this game makes me angry?

Part 8: The game is basically over, so have about ten more puzzles for no reason! The answer is LOVE! It’s ALWAYS the answer!

Doodle video:

NCAA Football 2005


NCAA Football 2005. We take to the gridiron in this “college” football match: the Starfleet Officers vs. the 1938 Tennessee Volunteers!

Part 1: Which team will win: the superpowered team with androids and aliens from the 24th century, or the 1930’s-era hobos?

Part 2: The result of playing football too close to a temporal anomaly! This game’s the bee in your butter! Ha chachachachachaaa!