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Quest for Glory I Doodles


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Quest for Glory I: So You Wanna Be a Hero


Renowned thief Count Fivefingers takes on the dangers of Spielburg! Thieving and limericks, together at last.

See the Doodles!


Part 1: We begin our Quest for Glory playthrough with a Glorious discussion about what class we’re going to play as! GLORIOUS!

Part 2: Our hero Count Fivefingers gets to know the town of Spielburg, where nobody has a consistent accent!

Part 3 has us making out with Amelia Appleberry. That’s all the context you’re gonna get!

Part 4: The fearsome frost giant far in this film finds fifty fruits for feeding and fun. Also, beat poetry.

Part 5: Our hero Count Fivefingers has to endure two goofballs who banter insults between each other and tell terrible jokes. Oh, and in-game he meets Erasmus and Fenrus.

Part 6: Warning: unintelligible hermit ahead!

Part 7: Meeps!

Part 8: The Count finally gets down to the business of thieving. Neither old ladies nor kobolds are safe!

Part 9: We finally get in to see the Baron. And then the limericks start coming, beginning a grand Player and Doodler tradition.

Part 10: Count Fivefingers meets Pizzaface!

Part 11: Spielburg…After Dark! ::seductive winking emoji of a flying manta ray:: Also, our hero apparently drops some LSD before dawn.

Part 12: It’s finally time to infiltrate the brigand fortress! That’s assuming that we can even get over the gate!

Part 13: Count Fivefingers saves the day and makes all those people he robbed earlier happy! Also, he ditches the town with some guy that we never actually met in the course of the playthrough.

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