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Metroid: Zero Mission Doodles


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Metroid: Zero Mission


The classic tale retold! Kraid and Ridley!

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Part 1: Old grandma Samus tells her granddaughter about what really happened on her first mission…wait, I may be mixing this up with King’s Quest again.

Part 2: Come on down to Kraid’s Zip-Lining Experience! Just off the Brinstar Beltway. Come for the shinesparking, stay for the early Super Missiles! Don’t forget to sign up to be a member of the Crateria Kraid-ers!

Part 3: In Ridley’s lair, everything is candy or bugs. Also, flawless execution of obtaining the hardest missile pack in the game! Followed by several failures to obtain the next one.

Part 4: Ridley tries to sell us some Mary Kay and Bajoran Orb Cannons! Also there are, like, Metroids and Mother Brain or whatever.

Part 5: Metal Gear Samus! Featuring the Choz-Mool statue from Chicken-Itza!

Part 6: Samus goes back to the Devonian period and to Narnia to get 100% items!

Part 7: In the finale, Samus ruins Spring Break for all Space Pirates!

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Link’s Awakening DX Page 3


The Legend of Zelda‘s Game Boy installment, featuring The Mechanic. Can TIM?!? wake up a lazy fish?

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Part 18: We tackle fasteagle’s Tower! Where Kirby hangs out, apparently. Will we get the scroll weapon?!?

Part 19: Can we defeat fasteagle and retrieve the Keytar of Doom, or is he too fast? Also, the Red Flapper gets renamed Mrs. Buttfranklin, which doesn’t make much more sense in context.

Part 20: Tonight we dine on Turtle Rock. Also, we strike out with Marin, and Pachelbel’s Canon is overblarghed!

Part 21: In true Player and Doodler fashion, the eighth dungeon of the game somehow turns into tongue-twisters galore, a disco party, and a Fiddler on the Roof parody.

Part 22: The game finally ends when we defeat Forrest Whittaker and wake up a parade float.

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Link’s Awakening DX Page 2


The Legend of Zelda‘s Game Boy installment, featuring The Mechanic. Can TIM?!? wake up a lazy fish?

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Part 10, where TIM?!? is haunted by the Spirit of Technical Difficulties! Also a goat hits on the mayor of Sim City.

Part 11: It’s the Mr. Skullhead dungeon! Starring him, Mr. Skullhead!

Part 12: Random Kennedy jokes! Also, TIM?!?’s Crazy River Rapids Ride.

Part 13: PLOT TWIST! And…Wizzrobe hobo-killing?

Part 14: I hope you guys really like the Face Shrine…

Part 15: Gender-bending and Animaniacs! Also, a pointless trek into the mountains!

Part 16: Mamu, we’ve come to bargain! Also, Gray Chang makes an unexpected cameo!

Part 17: We practice a bit of necromancy in order to bridge a gap! Also, the worst song ever in a video game.

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Link’s Awakening DX Doodles


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