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King’s Quest IV Doodles


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King’s Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella


Princess Rosella has to solve a bunch of other people’s problems because her dad ate too many cheeseburgers. The graphics may be better, but somehow it made the characters look worse!

This was recorded on St. Patrick’s Day!

See the doodles!


Introduction: Recorded at the end of our King’s Quest III stream. Princess Rosella falls for the equivalent of “Hey, kid, I’ve got some candy; get in my car,” and now has to solve everyone’s problems, after spending days tied up and screaming next to a dragon, without food. Also, her pimpin’ dress is gone.

Part 1: Princess Rosella finds a pretty unicorn, turns a frog into a prince who immediately rejects her, and then goes and cleans house for a bunch of old dwarves. Don’t worry, Rosella. You’ll break through that glass ceiling some day.

Part 2: Surely helping to fulfill all the desires of the evil witch can’t possibly end badly for anyone involved, right? Not even the drunk Australian dwarf with the mouth full of marbles?

Part 3: Rosella gets a magical healing fruit for her father. Quest complete! Now she just needs to solve everyone *else’s* problems to get home.

Part 4 contains the worst Moon Logic puzzle of the game. Every King’s Quest (and pretty much every Sierra game) has a “guess what the developer was thinking when they made this puzzle” moment, and this one is no exception.

Part 5: We already did the “giant up a beanstalk” thing in King’s Quest I, so here the giant that has the hen that lays the golden eggs is just living in some random house, and clearly not in the sky. Two beanstalks in one series is clearly too much. Also, we rob some witches and night falls.


Part 7: Rosella takes an action that many people wish they could: shooting her (future) mother-in-law in the chest with an arrow while she’s sleeping.

Part 8: Rosella undoes everything she just spent the rest of the game doing, then heals both a fairy and her dad. Also Edgar proposes, but gets shot down. Silly Edgar, only protagonists get the girl!

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