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Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 81-90


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Week 81: Wabbits! IN HECK!

Week 82: The Krazy Kat continues her inexorable march towards the endboss. Meanwhile, the Player gets struck by falling lava, explodes multiple times, and kills himself. Annnnd the Doodler & Mystic finally get weapons and fight the Zeus of Being Weird!

Week 83: The Doodler fights half the X-Men, the Mystic completes her conquest of the Fire Nation, and the Player duels in the ultimate Ninja Fight! But will any of it matter as the Krazy Kat confronts Overlord Rico in the FINAL SHOWDOWN? Uh, eventually?

Week 84: Welp…that sure was a conclusion to last week’s cliffhanger. It’s fitting that Roche is encountered in Hell, uh, Heck.

Week 85: The creepy mayor will loom over your bed all night, chortling softly…

Week 86: The Doodler hears dark whisperings, the Krazy Kat keeps getting Divine Fists, and the Mystic becomes a cheerleader! Also the Player takes on Rico, and, well…

Week 87: The Player slowly loses health points. Also in the game.

Week 88: The EPIC SHOWDOWN! No, not with Overlord Rico, the other epic showdown! Team Discovery Channel and Team… Hot Hole!

Week 89: More of the Player’s smooth, seductive tones, as the Doodler fights his Doodlegonger, the Krazy Kat rethinks her life choices, and the Mystic does what she does every week: tries to take over the world!

Week 90: Nothing’s more handsome than sexy burger socks and a man with laryngitis. Oh yeah.

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The Cave


From the creators of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango comes The Cave, a cross between a Midwestern tourist trap and the Canterbury Tales! Featuring special guest star The Puppeteer!

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Part 1: It’s The Cave! The Player plays a noble knight, the Doodler plays a set of creepy twins, and guest star The Puppeteer plays as…himself?

Part 2 begins The Knight’s Tale, as our “noble” hero attempts to win Excalibur from the Burger King and his electrical engineer of a princess!

Part 3: The brave knight wins the heart of a fair maiden! Literally!

Part 4 begins The Hillbilly’s Tale, where a country bumpkin tries to win the favor of a cardboard cutout in a sleazy carnival.

Part 5: The hillbilly gets all fired up! Also, can we satisfy the needs of Stinky Pete?

Part 6: With Stinky Pete satisfied by the return of his vittles, we turn to The Twins’ Tale. Will these definitely-non-creepy kids ever be able to go out and play?

Part 7: A happy ending for The Twins! Followed by the hunt for a crystalline entity…

Part 8: In true Monkey-Island-esque fashion, we get stranded on an island with Herman Toothrot. Can we sneak off, leaving him to die? I sure hope so!

Part 9: In the finale, we reflect on what we’ve learned. Always close doors behind you, don’t fall in love with a pair of legs, and always make sure you have the proper getaway music!

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