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Chrono Cross part 2


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Part 10: We rescue David Bowie from angry birdmen and feeding plants to other plants! Bloomin’ onions!

PART 11 FEATURES ZOAH! HE ALWAYS TALKS IN CAPS! PROBABLY BECAUSE IT’S HARD TO HEAR ANYTHING IN THAT HELMET! Also we play the dinosaur version of Tapper. Yup yup yup! And…Digimon?

Part 12: We begin the infiltration of Viper Manor proper, which is filled with dag-nuts and Boxer Boys! Rated T!

Part 13: The Player nearly gives himself an aneurysm shouting out ZOAH’s lines, and we fight happy Pac-men!

Part 14: We fight a nine-year-old girl who’s one of the best warriors in the land because Japan. Also, the Prophet of Exposition tells us about alternate dimensions via old-man-whale song or something, and we find an evil cat guy and his booty.

Part 15: The Viper manor sequence finally comes to a close with several questionable decisions from the hot-headed Australian girl. Then a kid with no pants gives us a moral dilemma cliffhanger! Ha chachachachachaa!

Part 16: We decide to just let Kid die and we bum around the shanty town of Guldove for a while, entirely plotless. But on the plus side, Korcha’s mom chews him out for not wearing pants or something.

Part 17: Glenn (the Acacia soldier, not the frog from Chrono Trigger) decides to abandon his post and invade the fortress the rest of his army is occupying for literally no reason, so we join him. Hey, it’s better than hanging around a fishing village waiting for Kid to snuff it.

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Jordan vs. Bird: One on One


Watch as two basketball legends (Hulk Hogan and Wesley Snipes) do terrible dances in each other’s faces!



The NES versions of these two didn’t quite resemble Michael Jordan or Larry Bird as much as they did…Mr. T and Hulk Hogan?

Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 21-30


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Week 21: The Krazy Kat defeats her Wabbit. Then the Krazy Kat *becomes* her Wabbit…

Week 22: The Panacea Trek of Doom begins, and the thieving Mystic pulls off the heist of the century, that sneakydoo!

Week 23: We race to restock the King’s medicine cabinet! He’s not a real doctor, but he is a real worm, he is an actual worm.

Week 24: In which we all head to SOUTH AMERICA! Also, the Krazy Kat becomes the Amazing Acrowabbit!

Week 25: Hello, muddah. Hello, faddah.
Doodler’s fighting / For Granada.
Krazy Kat is / hearing whispers
And the Mystic keeps on giving our feet blisters!

Week 26: Everyone suffers at the hands of Weber State University!

Week 27: The Doodler turns into a g-g-g-ghost! The Krazy Kat continues her reign of terror! The Mystic gets stuck behind Thwomps! And the Player gets a little…funky!

Week 28: It’s a chicken, I tell ya! A giant chicken! Also, the Krazy Kat betrays her minions and gains, like, a million levels.

Week 29: The Doodler gets lost in the forests of Panama and slowly goes insane. Meanwhile, the Player and the Mystic continue to steal things from each other, and the Krazy Kat drives a cat crazy!

Week 30: The princess has been kidnapped by Bowser! I mean Rico Jr.! Can our heroes overcome snake women to save her, or will they just drown in the Caribbean?

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Space Quest 6 Doodles


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Space Quest 6


Roger Wilco gets the Inside Story of someone who ate paint chips as a child. With special guest star The Sister!

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Part 1: Roger Wilco gets quickly demoted back to janitor because status quo. And to all our viewers, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you thank you thank you thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…thank you.

Part 2: Roger vacations on the seediest planet ever, home to all the dystopian sci-fi cliches! Don’t forget the importance of…BODY FLUIDS! HA!

Part 3: After fighting Stooges and bamboozling the very few aliens on the planet dumber than he is, Roger gets kidnapped. Warning: alien striptease! Warning #2: the alien striptease isn’t what you think it is…it’s far worse!

Part 4: Ever want to see losers flirt with each other? Space Quest has you covered!

Part 5: Troll Valanice tries to kill Roger, but instead takes care of his sloppy seconds.

Part 6: Roger bravely(?) escapes the DeepShip to search for Stellar. Now with 100% more Elton John and Kurt Russell!

Part 7: Hot shuttle-repairing action! Also, we visit a retirement home again! This is the best game ever made!

Part 8: Jokes about Windows 3.1, Lycos, and Webcrawler make this the most mid-90’s video yet!

Part 9: There’s some sort of plot about how Sharpei is slowly taking over Stellar Santiago’s brain and Roger has to stop her by ripping off Fantastic Voyage, but who cares? What’s important is the debate between the Doodler and the Sister: do all kids eat paint chips?!?

Part 10: The entire Space Quest series comes to a close with Roger arguing with the narrator while preparing to cheat on his girlfriend. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen!

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