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Chrono Trigger Page 4


Chrono Trigger: Great RPG? Or the greatest RPG?

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Part 27: Good Nus! We’ve found the magical kingdom of Zeal! Bad Nus! We have to fight some Nus.

Part 28: I really, really, apologize for the voice we gave Princess Schala. It will eventually go away, I promise.

Part 29: Our heroes get kicked out of the Magical Land of Exposition, probably for making fun of it too much. Lavos lavos lavos.

Part 30: Our time machine receives probably the stupidest name ever.

Part 31: This part is mostly sidequests and teenage angst, the two pillars of all JRPG’s.

Part 32: Miscellaneous item collection leads us to discuss the time travel theories that the Internet has come up with to explain how Chrono Trigger ticks. Uh, no pun intended.

Part 33: Parking in the future is terrible. You have to traverse an entire hemisphere just to get back to your spot. Also, whose idea was it to cram the entire earthbound population of 12,000 BC into dirt caves that are literally next door to ravenous killer beasts?

Part 34: Rubble rubble! We’re heading up Mt. Woe!

Part 35: A boss fight against Giga Gaia leads into the first part of a multi-part rant about why Schala is, in fact, a terrible person. At least her voice gets better.

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