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Space Quest I Doodles


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Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge


Vohaul gets his revenge! Despite the fact that we’ve never seen him before and didn’t really do anything to him!

No doodles related to the game this time.


Part 1: The Game Where Everything Kills You! Even Non-Descript Parts of the Ground!

Part 2: Where Things That Look Nothing Like Hippos Are Referred To As Hippos.

Part 3: Where We May Or May Not Get Killed By A Cave Squid And A CHILLING Laugh…

Part 4: Where Our Hero Goes To The Bathroom And Kills A Guy (Not At The Same Time).

Part 5: Space Quest II: Our Hero Already Won The Game But Is Still Killed By Things.

Doodle Video:

Space Quest I


Our Valentine’s Day stream continues with the…romantic?…Space Quest I. It was advertised in King’s Quest II, so we did it.

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Part 1: Roger Wilco gets renamed to something even stupider. Also…a cliffhanger!

Part 2: Loud Scream Warning!  We get lost on a planet and talk to The Great and Powerful BugFace. Ends on a…cliffhanger?

Part 3: Most of our break got uploaded to Youtube (thanks again, twitch!) so skip to 8:50 to start. We basically go back to talk to Bugface again.

Part 4: Our Valentine’s Day stream continues with the…romantic?…Space Quest I. Mostly skimming, some minor fart jokes and ZZ Top. Classy!

Part 5: Can Yawn I. Tor Fred conquer his greatest challenge: walking out of the bar?

Part 6: This is a slot machine for 15 minutes.

Part 7: We sneak onto an alien ship and get our dumbest alias yet: Butston Freem!

Part 8: We finish this sucker up with a golden mop.

Doodle Video:

Bruce Lee for the Atari 800


The Player IS Bruce Lee! The Doodler IS…some fat green sumo guy.