Final Fantasy VII


The Doodler takes the reins as we tackle the first bit of Final Fantasy VII! Will Clown Stripe and Aeric have a happy ending?


Part 1: Terrorists fight some randy battles!

Part 2: It’s just another Mako Monday… Whaddya talk? Whaddya talk?

Part 3: These terrible slums remind the Doodler of the gritty, disgusting world he lives in. #pizza

Part 4: Barret punches a guy into the camera. There’s nothing I can, or should, add to that.

Part 5: Attack of the save points and treasure chests! And we hijack Uncle Pennybags’s train.

Part 6: Why is the president here?

Part 7: Fan favorite Aeric flirts with the middle distance! Then Cloud becomes Donkey Kong. For the rest of the game, bug the Doodler to finish it!

Doodle video:

Doodles: This is what happens when the Player tries to doodle during the Final Fantasy VII stream. I’m not even going to release these as separate posts. They’re terrible. Drink Asparagus.



Hoyle Book of Games Vol. 3


To decide the winners of our Summer 2017 BINGO contest, our finalists pick Sierra avatars in a deathmatch of Yacht! Also known as a normal game of Yahtzee.


Part 1: The AI-controlled avatars of our three winners (sirwats, fasteagle, and eternalkyr) are pitted against each other in a gentleman’s Battle Royale game of public-domain-Yahtzee! Oh, and the Player also plays too, whatever.

Part 2: The Player gets completely owned at several parlor games vs. fictional Sierra characters.

Doodle video:


And, because you were kind enough to visit our website instead of just watching everything on Youtube, here’s an easter egg: our unedited stream of Terraria we did later that night!

Part 1 (starts at around 13 minutes):

Part 2:

Adventure 2600


Based on the original 1979 Adventure for the Atari 2600 VCS. A five-minute quest takes nearly an hour because of the stupid bat!


Part 1: The original square castles!


Doodle video:

Bonus video: our vlog about Nostalgia and Ready Player One (the book).



Metroid Prime Doodles


See the videos!

Metroid Prime


Samus’s first 3D adventure, complete with HD texture pack! Get your fill of lazy space pirates, Beagle Boys, and jilted lover dragons!

See the doodles!


Part 1: Ridley breaks up with Samus and trashes a space station, and she pursues trying to get her CD’s back!

Part 2: Some snippets from the Metroid Musical, featuring FlaAaaAaAghraaaaaaaa! Also, I can’t get married to a bug from Metroid ’cause I’m married to the letter C.

Part 3: We, the Chozo, wanted to get back to nature, so we built a temple and filled it with bees! In retrospect this was a terrible idea.

Part 4: Pirates in the tooowwweeerrr, I’m reachin’ out! My heart cries out for yooouuuuuuu!

Part 5: You fail to realize the Gravity of this sequence break.

Part 6: Can we construct some sort of rudimentary lathe?

Part 7: Ted, the smartest Space Pirate, knows how to keep his job.

Part 8: The Doodler slowly drowns in his home at the bottom of the Great Salt Lake.

Part 9: DANGER MUSIC! Space Pirate office politics! And the Omega Massage Therapist!

Part 10: Phazon: the Freshmaker! If Phazon Madness lasts for more than five hours, consult your local Mother Brain.

Part 11: The Player earns his GameFAQs merit badge. And will the Doodler ever *not* hate someone from any of these games?

Part 12: Ridley writes a heroic couplet for Sir Wats’ birthday! Also we beat the game or whatever. Has anybody made our TVTropes page yet?

Doodle video: