The Black Cauldron


Every bit as good as the movie on which it’s based. Unfortunately.

My very first PC game that I played at the age of three. We completely screw with the canon of the Disney film. There was also some sort of weird graphics glitch on the recording that made a lot of the text boxes not show up correctly (despite them looking fine on our end). Eventually we just start reading them out loud to compensate.

See the doodles!


Part 1: An Advanced Interface?

Part 2: Taran infiltrates the Horned King’s castle for pretty much no reason.

Part 3: How many times can an Assistant Pig-Keeper be captured by henchmen before he dies of thirst? The answer is clearly higher than it should be.

Part 4: Gurgi, our friend (whom we knew for about thirty seconds), sacrifices himself nobly to save everyone when he didn’t really have to, only to be brought back to life anyway. Also, we pass up ALL KNOWLEDGE IN THE UNIVERSE and somehow don’t get full points. Eh, close enough.

Doodle Video:

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