Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon


AKA “Who Needs a Fourth Wall?”

See the doodles!

This was recorded on St. Patrick’s Day!


Part 1: Roger gets stuck in a trash freighter but doesn’t clean anything up. Some janitor HE is!

Part 2: Roger breaks out of the trash scow, then just bums around for a while for no real reason.

Part 3: Roger rambles on in to Monolith Burger! Also, many, many chickens die.

Part 4: Roger navigates both a volcanic hellscape and a circular hallway. Guess which one gives us more trouble?

Part 5: Some serious meta stuff going on. Also, Roger ends up basically back where he was after he escaped the garbage scow. Was there a point to all this? Other than, like, saving his creators or whatever.

Doodle Video:

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