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Wizard of Wor for the Atari 800


Wotch us play Wizard of Wor, where the worriers (uh, that’s pronounced like “warriors” not like “people who constantly worry”) fight blue panthers, red and yellow demons, and sometimes…each other.




Take that, Thorwor! Or whatever that thing is!

King’s Quest III Doodles


See the videos!

King’s Quest III: To Heir is Human


The Third of our Quest of Kings! Though there isn’t really a king in this game outside of a very brief cameo!

See the doodles!


Part 1: Gwydion?!? You’re not King Graham!! What the hell?!?

I just noticed that Ken Williams is listed as the “Key Grip” in the credits. That’s pretty hilarious.

Part 2: But sometimes when you walk in…

Part 3: Boy, they just don’t make evil wizards like they used to.

Part 4 is a giant marathon Hogwarts final exam. Will Gwydion pass his O.W.L.’s? Or will he put dough in his eyes and get struck by lightning repeatedly?

Part 5 has us finally learning about our past and bidding Ffarewell to Llewdor. Also, some minor Patrick Stewart bashing. Sorry.

Part 6 is entirely pirate-ship-based. Also, two grown men start slowly losing their sanity at being stuck on a ship and resort to anime-bashing and Don Bluth-bashing. Cabin fever!

Part 7: Some beautiful alpine scenes, and the return of both our favorite square castle and unspellable gnome! Oh, also, we beat the game and meet the king, yadda yadda yadda.

Doodle Video: