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Hiveswap: Episode 1 Doodles


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Hiveswap: Episode 1


Two guys in their 30’s who’ve never read Homestuck play its spin-off game! Will we love it as much as certain segments of Tumblr?

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Part 1: Teen Joey Claire gets attacked by…things! Will she be safe in her super-90’s bedroom?

Part 2: Joey makes it to the hallway! And becomes an old prospector for some reason! Plus more nostalgia!

Part 3: Joey’s creepy house of hot blue woman lamps and pirate taxidermy (two concepts that are hopefully not related to each other) gets taken over by a tuba player! Weirdness!

Part 4: Time for some pun-offs with a couple o’ slime monsters or whatever! Will Jude lose his marbles?


Part 6: Joey creeps through her attic filled with daddy issues to find a mysterious portal! Will it warp her to a time and place beyond all imagination? Or will it simply contain a pie?

Part 7: Joey explores an upside-down world and plays Nibbles! Meanwhile, troll Xerox apologizes a million times, and the Doodler sings the beep-line!

Part 8: Xefros is that rare specimen who reeeeaaaaally wants to be a butler! What a unique, fun twist on a teenager! Wait, no, he wants to play sportsball and be in a band. Nevermind. At least he lives in Maniac Mansion.

Part 9: You can tell it’s sci-fi because everything has stupid names, and also because there’s a nightmarish dystopia that will probably be overthrown by plucky teenagers. Teenagers who are remarkably good at texting despite being crushed under rubble.

Part 10: Joey solves some perfectly generic puzzles and gives up the most 90’s-preteen-girl password ever. Watch out for Thanos, Joey!

Part 11 features strongly the two pillars of Hiveswap so far: long chat logs and gross residential housing! Also a deercat is befriended. A deercat belonging to a COMMUNIST FOOL!

Part 12: A kid buried under rubble for over an hour is perfectly OK in the end after his self-esteem gets a boost. Also, the perfect selfie is taken as this episode draws to a close.

Part 13: Some post-game analysis from the Player and the Doodler. Whimsical nihilism! And texting!

Doodle video:

Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 71-80


Weeks 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80

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Week 71: The Evil Alliance is formed and dissolved within about two minutes, and the Krazy Kat does what she does best! Meanwhile, the Doodler defeats the Krazy Kat’s God’s weird Uncle who lives in His garage.

Week 72: Goodbye, towns! Also, you know you’re friends with someone when you can butcher your favorite songs together.

Week 73: Rico Jr.’s dad, creatively named Rico, decides to steal the kingdom’s dirt, er, land. Will we stop him, or will the Krazy Kat Darkling beat him to it?

Week 74: Hans gets robbed by a snot-nosed deviantart! Also, will the Mystic be able to keep a halberd for more than TEN SECONDS?!?

Week 75: The demonic education system needs a reform. And the Mystic’s luck is what it is.

Week 76: The ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! Will the Player defeat Rico, or will he become pobre?

Week 77: The final chapter begins as we find out that Heck is in…SOUTH AMERICA!

Week 78: The Krazy Kat becomes a polytheist and worships the Almighty Dog, the Doodler hails Hydra, the Mystic searches for a weapon, and the Player becomes a sneaky frog!

Week 79: It’s time to simply stride through the Gates of Heck!

Week 80: Fortune is a fickle mistress, and so is the Krazy Kat! Meanwhile, the Doodler and the Mystic continue their respective Quests for a Decent Weapon!

Doodle video:

Go to Weeks 61-70 | Go to Weeks 81-90 (coming soon!)

Final Fantasy VII


The Doodler takes the reins as we tackle the first bit of Final Fantasy VII! Will Clown Stripe and Aeric have a happy ending?


Part 1: Terrorists fight some randy battles!

Part 2: It’s just another Mako Monday… Whaddya talk? Whaddya talk?

Part 3: These terrible slums remind the Doodler of the gritty, disgusting world he lives in. #pizza

Part 4: Barret punches a guy into the camera. There’s nothing I can, or should, add to that.

Part 5: Attack of the save points and treasure chests! And we hijack Uncle Pennybags’s train.

Part 6: Why is the president here?

Part 7: Fan favorite Aeric flirts with the middle distance! Then Cloud becomes Donkey Kong. For the rest of the game, bug the Doodler to finish it!

Doodle video:

Doodles: This is what happens when the Player tries to doodle during the Final Fantasy VII stream. I’m not even going to release these as separate posts. They’re terrible. Drink Asparagus.


Hoyle Book of Games Vol. 3


To decide the winners of our Summer 2017 BINGO contest, our finalists pick Sierra avatars in a deathmatch of Yacht! Also known as a normal game of Yahtzee.


Part 1: The AI-controlled avatars of our three winners (sirwats, fasteagle, and eternalkyr) are pitted against each other in a gentleman’s Battle Royale game of public-domain-Yahtzee! Oh, and the Player also plays too, whatever.

Part 2: The Player gets completely owned at several parlor games vs. fictional Sierra characters.

Doodle video:


And, because you were kind enough to visit our website instead of just watching everything on Youtube, here’s an easter egg: our unedited stream of Terraria we did later that night!

Part 1 (starts at around 13 minutes):

Part 2: