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Link’s Awakening DX Page 1


The Legend of Zelda‘s Game Boy installment, featuring The Mechanic. Can TIM?!? wake up a lazy fish?

See the doodles!

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Part 1: Our hero washes up on a strange island. He looks like Link, but he is actually…TIM?!?

Part 2: TIM?!? ventures into the Tail Cave, only to find that somebody stole the town’s Chain Chomp!

Part 3: The Bottle Grotto is apparently where Double Dragon’s Abobo really let himself go.

Part 4: We do three or four things. Also, we fish. And Crazy Tracy raises the content rating of this game to rival Police Quest!

Part 5: Even TIM?!? can’t resist the allure of a square castle!

Part 6: Key Cavern has great style! I can’t say enough good things about this style!

Part 7: TIM?!? goes on a date! Is this his big chance?

Part 8 contains great..COLOR commentary! Get it? Get it? Ah, nevermind.

Part 9: We enter Merv Doorway to fight the easiest boss ever.

Doodle video:

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