Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (VGA) Page 1


Glorious questing was never this mystically Arabically enchanting!

This is the remake of Quest for Glory II, found at AGD Interactive.

See the doodles!

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Part 1: The saga of master thief Count Fivefingers continues in the hot dry desert land of Shapeir, native to creatures covered in fur for some reason.

Part 2 features probably our most racist accent yet!

Part 3: We rock hard, but rocks rock harder!

Part 4: Can Count Fivefingers defeat a kung fu ninja Tyrannosaurus? Or does he run away like a pansy, only to get killed by a 5-foot fall?

Part 5: Ever seen a cat woman do a belly dance? What’s that? No? Also, I’m now on a sex offender watchlist? Aw, man. Let’s just watch Count Fivefingers rob somebody then.

Part 6: Nobody can handle the double stabbity-stab! Also, Vincent Price reads us poetry. And FIRE!!!!!

Doodle Video:

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