King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Page 1


King’s Quest VI, where obsessive stalking conquers all!

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Part 1: We kick this off with the Mirror of Macguffins showing a member of the royal family his eventual bride. Again. Thankfully, she’s a much better looker than Valanice.

Part 2: We talk to Hermes the pawn shop owner and also read some terrible love poetry. Also, a kid kills us. Way to go, Alexander!

Part 3: The Ferryman of Plot Exposition gives us the lowdown on the Land of the Green Isles, and a genie passes out. These events are not related.

Part 4 sees Alexander visiting the Isle of Wonder! And by “wonder” we mean “puns.”

Part 5: The world’s most incompetent gardener tries to kill Alexander, then he cha-chas with a hole in the wall and finds an adolescent Yoda.

Part 6: After the world’s goofiest exposition scene, Alexander braves the Cliffs of Copy Protection!

Part 7: The game takes a sudden turn into Indiana Jones territory as Alexander braves the Catacombs of the Island of the Sacred Mountain™.

Part 8: After saving a cartoon character from a minotaur, Alexander finds out from an oracle that the obviously evil vizier is, in fact, evil.

Part 9: Alexander short-circuits the plot of Beauty and the Beast to stop from being turned into a beast himself. Which is a shame, because I bet his voice actor would do a pretty good job in the role.

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