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Chrono Trigger Page 2


Chrono Trigger: Great RPG? Or the greatest RPG?

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Part 12: Oh heck, it’s Heckran! Also, the Doodler won’t shut up about basketball, Twisted Metal…and incest.

Part 13, where one piece of jerky feeds an entire army. Also, Ozzie sounds kind of like his namesake! Kind of!

Part 14 finds the crew in the Denadoro Mountains, where they keep getting attacked by freelancers just looking to sell their terrible caricatures.

Part 15: We fight perhaps the chubbiest boss in the game, then witness the return of our favorite medieval amphibian!

Part 16: Terrible bell jokes lead us to escape 65 million years into the past.

Warning: for some reason the audio is louder than normal.

Part 17: A Jurassic party is soon followed by prehistoric domestic violence.

Part 18: Crono and crew fight a giant dinosaur while the Player and the Doodler argue about pronounciation. Also, Super Fast Evil Weevils!

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Double Dribble for the NES


Double Dribble for the NES. It’s the LA Lakers (and their mascot, Lakey the Lake) vs. the Boston…Frogs?




I said in the video I wasn’t going to post this, but eh. Here’s Charles Barkley fighting Godzilla in a square castle. It doesn’t directly have to do with any of our games. Deal with it.

Quest for Glory II Doodles


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Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (VGA) Page 1


Glorious questing was never this mystically Arabically enchanting!

This is the remake of Quest for Glory II, found at AGD Interactive.

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Part 1: The saga of master thief Count Fivefingers continues in the hot dry desert land of Shapeir, native to creatures covered in fur for some reason.

Part 2 features probably our most racist accent yet!

Part 3: We rock hard, but rocks rock harder!

Part 4: Can Count Fivefingers defeat a kung fu ninja Tyrannosaurus? Or does he run away like a pansy, only to get killed by a 5-foot fall?

Part 5: Ever seen a cat woman do a belly dance? What’s that? No? Also, I’m now on a sex offender watchlist? Aw, man. Let’s just watch Count Fivefingers rob somebody then.

Part 6: Nobody can handle the double stabbity-stab! Also, Vincent Price reads us poetry. And FIRE!!!!!

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