Chrono Trigger Page 3


Chrono Trigger: Great RPG? Or the greatest RPG?

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Part 19: We witness Frog’s backstory, and somehow it ends up involving Kurt Cobain?!?

Part 20: We enter Magus’s Castle, where we are told we have to defeat all 100 enemies inside! Guess how long it takes before we lose track?

Part 21: Magus’s henchmen Slash and Flea try to slow us down. One is a blue man who sounds like a tough black dude, the other is a transvestite evil magician. Progressive?

Part 22: The Outlaw and the Juggler, this fall on NBC!

Part 23: If we defeat Magus and his space triangle powers, surely that will solve the apocalypse, right?

Part 24: Who wants to debate philosophy with a cavewoman? Nobody? How about fighting T-Rexes? With rock organ music? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Part 25: Nizbel II (Electric Boogaloo) turns out to be the hardest boss fight in the game thus far. Why are you so useless, Lucca?!?

Part 26: We may be fighting a giant fire-breathing T-Rex and a telekinetic lizard woman, but at least this time we brought a mass healer along. Also, the best ending to a rap ever.

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