Space Quest V: The Next Mutation


Lone janitor adventurer Roger Wilco somehow joins Starfleet. Er, Starcon.

See the doodles!


Part 1: Guest start The Sister returns as we begin Space Quest V! The game where a loser goes to school!

Part 2: Roger gets to fly around the galaxy in a vacuum cleaner ship. Whatever happened to his pretty sweet ride from SQIII and SQIV?

Part 3: Once again, Roger gets trapped and pursued by a homicidal android bent on his destruction. But this time, it’s a female homicidal android bent on his destruction! Feminism?

Part 4: Our heroes get some R&R at the Space Bar, while our out-of-game heroes slowly lose their minds watching an interminable game of Battleship.

Part 5: After blowing up a bar, we finally discover the plot behind this game. Wait, this game has a plot?!?

Part 6: Roger Wilco’s girlfriend nearly turns into a puke monster, then he almost loses his chief engineer in a 2001 parody, and finally he gets turned into a fly. Also known as the Space Quest Hat Trick!

Part 7: Deus Ex Acid Monster Pet! Additionally, the game shows its great progressive feminist side as the main contribution to the plot from our female lead is eating her own underwear in cryosleep. Emma Watson, eat your heart out.

Part 8: Roger finally boards the Goliath and saves the galaxy. Well, he boards the Goliath and lets everyone else save the galaxy.

Doodle Video:

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