Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (VGA) Page 3


Glorious questing was never this mystically Arabically enchanting!

This is the remake of Quest for Glory II, found at AGD Interactive.

See the doodles!

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Part 13: Count Fivefingers buys a bunch of crazy kitsch for his bedroom, including a…signed box of Quest for Glory II? And just like that, this game is suddenly an Inception-based nightmare.

Part 14: You know Fire, and Air, and Earth, and Water. But do you recall the most delicious elemental of all?

Part 15: It’s clobberin’ time as Count Fivefingers faces the Earth Elemental!

Part 16: We save a weird reverse Chimera. An…American? Also, Count Fivefingers really needs to invest in a Google Maps app.

Part 17: Count Fivefingers finally gets around to some robbin’, only to be stymied by the adventure game curse of “You’re not close enough!” Also, there’s, like, a water elemental, but no biggie.

Part 18: We *finally* bid goodbye to Shapeir, only to end on a cliffhanger! How will Count Fivefingers get out of this scrape?!? Tune in next time, but first let’s all go to the lobby to get ourselves a treat!

Part 19: Our hero finally gets to Raseir. Doodler, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Part 20: We steal a (fake) Blackbird, then get arrested. Not for the theft, oddly enough. But don’t worry, our good friend Ad Avis is here to… save us…?

Part 21: Count Fivefingers is sent to find the Statue of Iblis. Is he truly a diamond in the rough?

Part 22: We wrap up this game by enlisting the harem girls to help us knock a dude out a window. Also, Vincent Price was the sultan the whole time!

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