Island of Dr. Brain


The brainy fun continues as we tackle the Island of Dr. Brain! Some guy stole Dr. Brain’s battery or something. Wacky puzzles ensue!

See the doodles!


Part 1: Polyominos! Quadratic Equations! Towers of Hanoi! Voice Acting! It’s got it all!

Part 2: Racist jokes in Spanish and Henry Kissinger quotes? This is educational!

Part 3, where vitamin C tablets are sugar pills!

Part 4: The magic square keeps on doggin’ us. Then: Grammar Ants! Grammar Corn! Grammar Apples!…Well, I tried to make the word “grammar” sound exciting.

Part 5: What’s the best material to make an elevator counterweight out of? Why, 25 pounds of mercury, of course!

Part 6: We finally get to the art and music portion of the puzzles, which we pass with flying colors. Couldn’t the magic math square have been this easy? Also: genetics.

Part 7: All those years of Robot Odyssey finally pay off as we solve a logic gate problem and save the volcano with our NANDs! Also, we finally get to see Dr. Brain’s secret experiment! It’s, uh…it’s…it’s a thing.

Doodle Video:

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