Chrono Trigger Page 5


Chrono Trigger: Great RPG? Or the greatest RPG?

See the doodles!

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Part 36: While Crono braves the threats in the Ocean Palace, the Player braves an even greater threat: Weirdo the hand puppet frog!

Part 37: More Ocean Palace madness as we fight genies and…English dog spirits or something…that look exactly the same. Also, GolemTwins!

Part 38: Probably the best part of the game. Two nerds are talking over it.

Part 39: Shortly after the best part of the game, we get kidnapped by the comic relief villain. That’s just great.

Part 40: We get a flying conversion done to our time machine in 2015 by Goldie Wilson III. Also, a surprise party member joins! Thankfully, it’s not Weirdo the hand puppet!

Part 41: Let’s go visit Crono’s Mom! That won’t be awkward!

Part 42: aka The Part That Makes People Compare Chrono Trigger To Christianity, But With More Robots.

Doodle Video:

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