Mario Party 2: Horror Land


See the doodles!

The Puppeteer and the Red Flapper join us for the horror that is Horror Land in Mario Party 2!

Note: For some reason none of the game audio was recorded. Therefore, I put some background music in the video, mostly either from official Mario soundtracks or remixes from


Part 1: We’re playing with random USB controllers so nobody knows what buttons to press!

Part 2: DK gets the first star, only to instantly give it away. Silly monkey, stars are for dinosaurs!

Part 3: The gorilla proves to be a great dancer, the dinosaur proves incapable of flying a plane, the princess gets a genie to fly her around the world, and the fat ugly man balances on an electric barrel of nuclear waste!

Part 4: Ghosts rub their butts in our face as the game enters the home stretch. I still want a plush Wario penguin.

Part 5: Who will be able to defeat Wizard Bowser without being turned into Weirdo the Frog?

Doodle Video:

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