Mario Party 2: Pirate Land


See the doodles!

Arr! We be pirates with The Puppeteer and the Red Flapper once again in Pirate Land in Mario Party 2!

Note: For some reason none of the game audio was recorded. Therefore, I put some background music in the video, mostly either from official Mario soundtracks or remixes from

Playlist (video 6):

Part 1: We be pirates, suckers!

Part 2: A dinosaur attempts psychological manipulation, and a puppet who’s not a frog appears! (Also the frog puppet appears.)

Part 3: The Princess and the Fat Buttface: The Musical! Featuring the hit songs “Baby Monkey is Running Away from Bees” and “The Bank Has a Golden Butt.” Look, things happen in this game.

Part 4: The game is a lot closer than last time, but, in the end, who has rolled out enough barrels to defeat Cap’n Bowser?

Doodle Video:

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