Quest for Glory 4 Part 1


Twilight meets H.R. Giger.

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Part 1: After a long hiatus, we finally return to the Quest for Glory series with QFG4: Shadows of Darkness! Renowned thief Count Fivefingers finds himself in an unfamiliar ribcage and must escape. But on the plus side, his life is suddenly narrated by John Rhys-Davies!

Part 2: Our hero meets the colorful townsfolk of Mordavia, including the Burger Meister and the Avocado Woman.

Part 3: It’s far more difficult than it should be to receive your thief certification from the Chief Thief Peter Lorre cockroach in this town. Also, John Rhys-Davies starts drinking just to make it through his pun-laden lines.

Part 4: We solve a bunch of brain-teasers…FOR SCIENCE! At least Jess Harnell and Neil Ross seem to be having fun making up better lines for the townspeople than the game gives them.

Part 5: Will Boris Karloff ever mend fences with the Avocado Woman? Or will he simply do the Monster Mash?

Part 6: The exposition finally dispensed with, Count Fivefingers ventures forth into the countryside of Mordavia, to encounter bloodthirsty bunnies and Radagast’s country bumpkin little brother! Cuckoos come out of his hole!

Part 7: We meet the Rusalka, who has well-developed…characteristics. Will she drive up our Youtube views? Also, we run into an old…friend?

Part 8: Count Fivefingers’s thieving skills are as rusty as the hinges on everything in the house he robs.

Part 9: The game’s scripted comedian battles wits with the unscripted improv of the townspeople’s voice actors. Who will win?

Part 10: Ten parts in, and this game finally gets a plot. Uh, kind of.

Part 11: Our poor Count nearly kills himself trying to free a gypsy. Then irony kicks in.

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