Mario Party 3 – Woody Woods


It’s Woody Woods! Howdy howdy howdy! Once again featuring The Hipster and The Pixie.

See the Doodles!

Playlist (start at video 7):

Part 1: Luigi’s cosplay skills make everyone sad, and we are all hampered by mole signs. No-Jay Consortium!

Part 2: Tiny shark boats have a mind of their own, and the game keeps insulting Wario. Also, a million battle games!

Part 3: Who wins the contest for most angry player?

Part 4: Poetry analysis and a drum circle! Go to college, kids! Wink.

Part 5: Coming soon: The Player and The Yoshi who something something platinum member something complicated.

Part 6: It’s a close race, but in the end, who has the Mario Party I.Q. to become the Super Star?

Doodle Video:

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