King’s Quest III Redux


The final “old-school” King’s Quest game, where a millennial slave turns an old man into a cat. Internet gold!

See the doodles!


Part 1: Death steals a baby, in an historical event you may remember as WORLD WAR ONE

Part 2: Our poor slave Gwydion gets hit on by all the people he meets in town, and then finds the Doodler’s journal.

Part 3: Gwydion’s spelling career begins, which eventually results in a backstory. And yes, it’s a red-letter day for all you square castle fans!

Part 4: Sometimes we walk in. Also, can Gwydion’s Buzzfeed quiz skills save the soul of Medusa?

Part 5: The storekeep gets increasingly creepier, and Gwydion keeps screwing up his Hogwarts exams.

Part 6: Gwydion drinks sand and salt water, then tries to sing. Instead of resulting in him vomiting, however, it results in a mid-90’s ballad that may or may not result in the audience vomiting. Finally, a millennial tries to sing and definitely results in everyone vomiting.

Part 7: The wizard is finally defeated! Also, Neil Diamond happens. Support our Patreon, whenever it finally gets off the ground!

Part 8: Can The Player complete his N.E.W.T.s without going insane? Will The Doodler accept Rogers & Hammerstein as a legitimate composer/lyricist duo? Will pirates solve either of these problems?

Part 9: We visit the remake-exclusive Island of Puzzles or whatever. Will Gwydion’s weight-loss methods let him pass through the Guardian of Forever? Will he ever become Dr. Brain’s assistant?

Part 10: We ditch the cleanest pirate ship around in order to hike through the Dalles and bamboozle a yeti. Also, a pirate feels a strange pulling sensation…

Part 11: Alexander saves the day as his breathmint rebuilds the kingdom! And THE FATHER turns out to be some dude in a cloak shaking his fist outside the castle. And with that, old school King’s Quest has concluded!

Doodle video:

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