Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 1-10


The Mystic and the Krazy Kat join the Player and the Doodler to succeed the King of Town as the next Ruler of the World, as well as get crazy hairstyles and kill each other!

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Week 1: The King of Town has lost all of his, well, towns! Who is brave enough to defeat the accordion monsters and restore peace to the land?

Week 2: We all try to claw our way out of the Tutorial Zone of Doom! Also, several people get killed and drawn on and/or hair screwed up! Let the mockery commence!

Week 3: The game officially begins with a Balrog appearing in the Mines of Moriah! Doodler’s Bane! But you lowlifes can call him Johnny.

Week 4: The Mystic scares snowmen and kills Joy! And the Doodler finally becomes a man. Defeat the Rogue Vikings!

Week 5: It’s a land war in Asia! What fools we are! Also, the Mystic gets an axe through her head and we fight the Celebrity Lizardman!

Week 6: We liberate the Middle East! That was easy!

Week 7: Who loves cats more than the Krazy Kat? According to the Krazy Kat, no one. And now she’s a rocker with increasingly frantic commentary!

Week 8: It’s a paid holiday! That’s not a good thing, apparently. Also, the end of a manly era.

Week 9: Will anyone ever make it to Ural and finish this chapter? We’ve only been trying for THREE WEEKS!

Week 10: Progress! An old lady tries to save a royal dog, and the Player is a moron.

Doodle Video (featuring “Giccs!”):

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