Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 21-30


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Week 21: The Krazy Kat defeats her Wabbit. Then the Krazy Kat *becomes* her Wabbit…

Week 22: The Panacea Trek of Doom begins, and the thieving Mystic pulls off the heist of the century, that sneakydoo!

Week 23: We race to restock the King’s medicine cabinet! He’s not a real doctor, but he is a real worm, he is an actual worm.

Week 24: In which we all head to SOUTH AMERICA! Also, the Krazy Kat becomes the Amazing Acrowabbit!

Week 25: Hello, muddah. Hello, faddah.
Doodler’s fighting / For Granada.
Krazy Kat is / hearing whispers
And the Mystic keeps on giving our feet blisters!

Week 26: Everyone suffers at the hands of Weber State University!

Week 27: The Doodler turns into a g-g-g-ghost! The Krazy Kat continues her reign of terror! The Mystic gets stuck behind Thwomps! And the Player gets a little…funky!

Week 28: It’s a chicken, I tell ya! A giant chicken! Also, the Krazy Kat betrays her minions and gains, like, a million levels.

Week 29: The Doodler gets lost in the forests of Panama and slowly goes insane. Meanwhile, the Player and the Mystic continue to steal things from each other, and the Krazy Kat drives a cat crazy!

Week 30: The princess has been kidnapped by Bowser! I mean Rico Jr.! Can our heroes overcome snake women to save her, or will they just drown in the Caribbean?

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