King’s Quest (2015) Chapter 2: Rubble Without a Cause


King Graham gets kidnapped by silly goblins! Also, several people almost die! Tonal shifts are fun, folks!

See the doodles!


Part 1: Overwhelmed by his ridiculous responsibilities and hyperactive guards, Graham instead gets kidnapped by goblins, which, frankly, comes as somewhat of a relief.

Part 2: King Graham finds all his whimsical friends from the last chapter, only now they’ve now all been captured by goblins and are sick and dying, including a pregnant woman. Wow, this series got dark fast.

Part 3: Compassionate Graham saves a goat by letting a woman die. Also, goblins make a grab for Graham’s jugs, and we make several Axe Cop references.

Part 4: Sad goblins make for the most hilarious goblins. And some hot frog-licking action!

Part 5: We build a fantasy bomb! And Christopher Lloyd gets mad at us for interrupting his story.

Part 6: The villain steals the Doodler’s work to incite goblin shenanigans! But the day is saved thanks to King Graham’s great improv skills.

Doodle video:

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