Dokapon Kingdom Weeks 31-40


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Week 31: The Player gets stuck behind Thwomps, the Mystic can’t seem to fix her sore foot problem, the Doodler tries to get all white knight with Princess Penny, and the Krazy Kat becomes a motivational speaker!

Week 32: The Doodler fights the hardest he ever has for a woman. Also, does the Krazy Kat live up to her name and have nine lives?
(note: I noticed that I screwed up the counter and missed one fight, so the round number is off by one.)

Week 33: VENGEANCE?!?

Week 34: Who can seal the deal with Princess Penny? Also, the Player gets a sword made of TECHNOLOGY!

Week 35: Enter the Alchemist, complete with great hat!

Week 36: We end up UNEMPLOYED…in GREENLAND?!?

Week 37: Dyslexic religion causes the Krazy Kat to turn to the powers of evil, and the Player to turn to the powers of…anime?

Week 38: Will Darklingdom stop us from defeating all the Winter Dogs and their armies of fez-wearing frightened snowmen?

Week 39: Greenland becomes a hotbed of intense battling and renaming! Also, the King freaks out. Again. And, uh…yodeling?

Week 40: The epic trek to the Spring Cave begins!

Doodle video:

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