Link’s Awakening DX Page 2


The Legend of Zelda‘s Game Boy installment, featuring The Mechanic. Can TIM?!? wake up a lazy fish?

See the doodles!

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Part 10, where TIM?!? is haunted by the Spirit of Technical Difficulties! Also a goat hits on the mayor of Sim City.

Part 11: It’s the Mr. Skullhead dungeon! Starring him, Mr. Skullhead!

Part 12: Random Kennedy jokes! Also, TIM?!?’s Crazy River Rapids Ride.

Part 13: PLOT TWIST! And…Wizzrobe hobo-killing?

Part 14: I hope you guys really like the Face Shrine…

Part 15: Gender-bending and Animaniacs! Also, a pointless trek into the mountains!

Part 16: Mamu, we’ve come to bargain! Also, Gray Chang makes an unexpected cameo!

Part 17: We practice a bit of necromancy in order to bridge a gap! Also, the worst song ever in a video game.

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